Reporting Requirements


Post partnerships reporting is ongoing and fully dependent on your schedule with the schools you are partnering with and is done through a google form. Grantees should submit their partnership report directly after the last class of your partnership.

Google Form: Program Participation Questions

Uploads to Google Drive: Cover Pages

Each Grantee is responsible for signing at least four (4) cover pages per school partnership. Cover pages should be filled out completely and signed.


Each grantee is responsible for administering student surveys at the last or second to last session with the students via a Survey Monkey link.

For a detailed version of the questions, view the Partnership Report Questions (PDF).


Reimbursement Requests

Grantees must submit reimbursement requests quarterly. 


Quarterly/Yearly Reimbursement Report: Expenses Budget Form

Grantees will find a personalized expenses report form in google drive, this form must be used to help organize the required information. The form must be saved as an Excel and uploaded or emailed to the Program Administrator for review. All templates, forms, and other required documents can be found in the resources tab.


When completing the final report budget expenses form, be sure the column "Grant Dollars Allocated" matches the approved grant award budget presented in the Project Budget attached to your Grant Award Agreement (contract). 


Grantees will have a period of 7 calendar days to submit any corrections or missing or incorrect documentation listed by the Program Administrator. Any funds that have not been properly proven will not be reimbursed at the end of the correction period.


Quarterly Reimbursement Report: Uploads

Grantees completing reimbursement reports are required to provide a series of documents in order to receive quarterly reimbursement payments on their grant award with The Bass. All documents must be provided in google drive or via email for each organization. If assistance is required, please contact


Grantees are required to use the Final Report Expense Summary template and save it in google drive to help organize the required canceled checks and invoices. The template is a Google Sheet.  You may add additional rows to budget categories as needed.

Grantees are required to provide evidence that grant dollars were spent in accordance with the Grant Award Agreement (contract). This evidence/documentation must correspond to the approved grant award budget in the Final Report Form.

In order to demonstrate that grant dollars were spent appropriately, grantees must submit evidence in the form of receipts or invoices for all grant expenditures – what goods/services were purchased, together with the corresponding proof of payment (cancelled checks) for those line items. There must be proof of purchase AND proof of payment for each grant expenditure.


All non-salary employees must have an invoice and/or timesheet that includes the following information:

1.   Invoice number

2.  Invoice date

3.  Services rendered

4.  Date and hours of services

5.  Pay rate

Invoices that are missing any of this information will be rejected and will not be included in the reimbursement.


Grantees must upload to the google drive or email one (1) PDF file containing all scanned copies of each cancelled check (front and back) to show proof of payment. Alternatively, grantees may provide one scanned pdf containing bank issued evidence of payments in the form of a cancelled check summary statement only if the payee is clearly noted on the check summary statement. Summaries noting only check number and amount are not acceptable.


Cancelled checks and invoices documenting grant expenditures must align with the Expense Summary Template and the Grant Dollars Allocated column.


Grantees making payment with a credit card must still provide evidence of what was purchased in the form of a dated receipt/invoice and a copy of the cancelled check showing payment was made for the credit card charges.


Grantees should NOT make payments in cash, unless an appropriate dated receipt and/or invoice is received documenting the goods or services received and showing that the bill was paid in full.  For cash payments issued to artists or any other individual, grantees must submit a notarized affidavit signed by the artist or individual receiving payment, attesting to the services provided, the date of services and payment received.


Project Information

Final Reports are due by the date specified in Article I of the Grant Agreement, (first page of your grant contract). Note: The final report due date is a received by date. For assistance with completing the Final Report, contact the Program Administrator, Kylee Crook, directly at 786-247-6006.

Organization Name:

Project Venue/Location(s)

Provide a summary listing of the location(s) of where the project/program activity(ies) took place. Please include the address of the venue(s).

Actual Dates of Activities

Provide a listing of date(s) of when the project/program activity(ies) took place. Note: the project dates should correspond with the dates stated in Article I, #5 and #7 of your Grant Award Agreement (the second page). If date changes were required, please note in this section.

Program Participation: Numbers of Children/Youth Served

Estimate the number of children served per age group and in total, for all project/program activities. These numbers should include all children/youth who were in attendance, participating and/or performing COMBINED for all project/program activity(ies).

Program Participation: Adults

Project Summaries 

Question 1:

Provide a narrative summary of all project/program activity(ies) that took place during the program year. This summary should correspond to the project synopsis (summary) presented in your application. In addition, describe any changes that may have occurred (either positive or negative), which differ from the original project/program as presented in your grant application and Grant Award Agreement (contract).

Question 2:

Provide a summary evaluation regarding the success and/or challenges during the project/program activity(ies). What objectives were met, or not, and what were the metrics you used to determine whether the project/program was successful?

Question 3:

Describe the impact your project/program had on Miami Beach familys' quality of life. Describe the impact that arts and/or science components of the program had on the participating youth in the funded program.

Expenses Budget Form

See section Quarterly Reimbursement Request.


Grantees completing final reports are required to provide a series of documents in order to close out their grant award with The Bass. All documents must be provided in the google drive for each organization OR emailed to the program administrator, Kylee Crook ( If assistance is required, please contact the Grant Program Administrator.

All required STEAM cover pages that were submitted to the schools must also be uploaded to the google drive. Samples of cover pages can be found in the resources tab.

The support documents serve to document the project/program activity(ies), as well as provide evidence that the project/program was implemented in accordance with the Grant Award Agreement (contract). The support documents should tell a story and is an opportunity to showcase the success of the project/program. Keep in mind that materials related to the project/program must include the required and correct publicity credits as outlined in the Grant Award Agreement (contract). Examples: