As managers of the STEAM + program, The Bass Education Team is here to help you connect public schools to your artist-in-residence program. Each Arts Provider will need to complete an application for services by May 21st each year. Below you will find some tips on how best to present your organization and program offerings to the school administration for their selection.

  • For general information about the program, view the History page.

  • For details about how the grant works, important dates, qualifications etc. view the Resources for Grantees and Applicants page.

  • To prepare for the application, here is a list of the questions you will need to answer:

Information About Your Organization

Think name, contact information, website, mission statement, legal status

Information About the Artist-In-Residence Program You Are Proposing for the Following
chool Year

        • Program Overview

In this section, you can briefly describe the program or programs you are offering. It is important to provide a concise overview, school administration will look at this information to determine if the program is right for them. Be creative with this information, it should read like an advertisement for your program!

  • Program Details

This section is to get into the nitty gritty of your program. Be specific and provide as many details as possible. In this section you should address PROGRAMS/ACTIVITIES, TIMELINE, ESTIMATED NUMBER OF PROGRAM DAYS PER STUDENT (this can include visits to the classroom, field trips, performances, exhibitions and/or showcases), HOW STEAM WILL BE INCORPORATED, MAXIMUM NUMBER OF STUDENTS, WHAT AGE GROUPS. Other details to consider including are how the students will benefit, learning outcomes, etc.


You will be asked to upload at least one, but up to 2, sample lesson plans that represent the program curriculum. Lesson plans should list the curriculum standard that the lesson(s) will achieve.

Logistical Details

You will be asked how many schools your organization can successfully sign up for and if there is a maximum number of students and any other parameters the school will need to know when making their selection.

Budget and Budget Narrative

You will need to provide a preliminary budget and narrative justification to support the proposed use of grant dollars. The budget justification narrative must correlate with and support the grant dollars allocated in the proposed budget for all expenditures. Grant dollars may be used only for expenses directly related to the proposed project. General overhead or other operating expenses not directly related to the proposed project are not permitted. There is a cap of 10% of the budget that can be allocated to administrative salaries. View and download the budget template.